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Things You Have to Know to Prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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In front of the serious and complex Covid-19 phenomenon, it’s better for everyone to self-educated about this dangerous disease so that we would have enough knowledge to prevent us from infecting Coronavirus. In this article, would like to provide you the list of helpful information about Covid-19 for the better fight against this serious disease.

What is Coronavirus (nCoV)?

Coronavirus (n-CoV) is a new respiratory virus that causes acute respiratory infections in humans and has been shown to be spread from person to person. This virus is a new virus that has not been previously identified.

Where does the Coronavirus (n-CoV) come from?

Health agencies and health partners are working hard to identify the source of n-CoV. Many people think that Coronavirus is a betacoronavirus, belonging to the type of viruses that cause MERS-CoV syndrome and SARS syndrome, all originating from the bat. Genetic analysis of this virus is being continued to determine the specific origin of the virus.

What is the mechanism of the spread of Coronavirus?

The virus initially originated from the animal but has the ability to be transmitted from person to person. It is important to note that the spread from person to person can occur continuously. In humans, the virus spreads from person to person through contact with infected body fluids. Depending on the degree of spread of the virus, coughing, sneezing or shaking hands can expose others to exposure.

The virus can also be spread by touching someone on an object, then on their mouth, nose, and eyes. Caregivers may also be exposed to the virus when handling the patient’s waste.

What are the symptoms and complications that Coronavirus (n-CoV) can cause?

Symptoms of patients with minor to serious nCoV include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These symptoms can appear 2 to 14 days after exposure. Upon onset, nCOV causes fever and may damage the respiratory tract. In severe cases, pneumonia may occur and many other organs in the body may cause death, especially in cases of the underlying disease.

Has there been any specific medicine to prevent and treat acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of Coronavirus?

At this time, there is no specific medicine to prevent and treat acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of the Coronavirus. Patients now treated with symptomatic relief, severe cases will be applied the most optimal supportive treatments. A number of specific treatments are being studied, implemented in clinical treatment for patients.

Which age group is more infected with new strains of the Coronavirus?

People of all ages can get a new strain of the Coronavirus. However, the elderly, people with chronic diseases (such as bronchial asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, …) will be infected and often worse.

How to protect ourselves from Coronavirus?

● Limit direct contact with people with acute respiratory illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath); it is necessary to wear a proper medical mask and keep a distance of more than 02 meters when contacting.

● People with symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath should not travel or crowded places. Immediately notify the health authorities of any of the above symptoms.

● Wash your hands often with soap and clean water for at least 30 seconds. In the absence of soap and clean water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol); gargling mouth and throat with saltwater or mouthwash, avoiding hands to eyes, nose, mouth to prevent infection.

● Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, preferably with a cloth or handkerchief, or a sleeve to reduce the spread of respiratory secretions. Do not spit indiscriminately in public.

● Use only cooked foods.

● Do not travel to endemic areas. Limit going to crowded places. In the case of going to crowded places, people need to apply personal protective measures such as using masks, cursing hands with soap.

● Avoid trading, contracting pets or wild animals.

● Keep your body warm, improve health by eating, resting, reasonable activities, and sports.

● Increase ventilation of the housing area by opening doors and windows, limiting the use of air conditioners. Regularly clean floors, doorknobs, and surfaces of household objects with regular detergents, such as soap and other common disinfectant solutions.

● When you realize the signs of fever, cough, heavy breath, don’t forget to wear a protective mask and immediately notify the nearest medical facility for timely consultation, examination, and treatment. Call for the health facilities before arrival for information about recent symptoms and schedules for proper support

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