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About HEXAShoes

HEXA is committed to sustainable fashion. They love the environment and want to do their part to contribute to promoting ethical, sustainable materials and manufacturing.


They are proud to be a PETA-Approved Vegan company, but they know they can’t sit on their laurels. Being vegan is not enough. Out of the many vegan leathers available, they’re determined to use not only the best material for their products, but also for the environment.

As they endeavor to avoid using animal-based products, they are aware that they often turn to synthetic materials, such as polyurethane, polyester, synthetic rubber, recycled ABS, PVC, TPU, EVA, polystyrene, nylon and poly-viscose, which have their own environmental impacts. To maintain the delicate blend of being vegan and environmentally responsible, HEXA is investigating offset strategies so that they will achieve a neutral to positive impact with every item produced.

In addition to offsetting, they are also always on the lookout for new innovations in sustainable materials and manufacturing methods that they can apply to their supply chain to reduce our environmental footprint immediately. This includes constantly reassessing everything from packaging to logistics, not just manufacturing.

HEXA Shoes dedication to responsible excellence includes elevating local communities. So, they ensure that every supplier, factory, and other service provider they partner with treat their employees with respect and provide safe conditions and fair wages. They cannot claim their products are cruelty-free if their workers are not treated fairly.

HEXAShoes Vegan Leather
Solven free and low on PU content, their vegan leather is the finest polyurethane microfiber based material from Japan. They selected them because they are leaders in their field of synthetic leather (Lisa having been in footwear for 25 years knows their reputation for quality) They are fully traceable and are very aware of the environmental impact these kinds of materials can have. So they make sure they do their best to lower their carbon footprint and chemical emissions.
Their manufacturing facility has successfully been conducting such CO2 reduction activities as increasing biomass fuel volume, using waste plastic as fuel, ensuring higher operating efficiency, and installing energy-saving equipment. They also have consistently been working to implement conservation activities that include promoting measures against global warming, managing chemical substance emissions, and ensuring beneficial use of waste.

HEXAShoes Fabric
HEXA sources fabrics that include “Cold Pad Batch” dyed materials. This process uses 40% less water than regular dyeing, less energy since it’s done at room temperature, no salt, and less chemicals. This means much less wastewater. In addition to eco-friendly processes, all their fabrics have superior color fastness.

Their supplier also only uses the highest-grade chemicals and dyes from Huntsman, a well-known German textile firm. Their customers can be confident that their fabrics are free from hazardous substances.

Their Linen Jute fabric contains 60% Jute and 40% Cotton. They love Jute. Jute grows easily without any pesticides or fertilizers and is considered an eco-friendly material. The factory also has a water-recycling program. Around 30% is re-used steam, and there is an in-house wastewater treatment program which the Thai authorities monitor. They are committed to returning clean water to the environment and reducing energy usage.

HEXAShoes Rubber Soles
Their outsole supplier follows strict EU “REACH” standards, selecting materials free of harmful chemicals. Their actively operate processes while being mindful of reducing, recycling, maintaining a low carbon footprint, water conservation, and generally being environmentally responsible.
They also use only polyurethane water-based colors in the printing process. This is more environmentally friendly by being less volatile and less harmful to the groundwater and soil.ed an eco-friendly material.

HEXAShoes Sport Foam Insoles
They work with an American-based supplier that ensures their anufacturing facilities around the world processes and reuses wastewater. When the recycled water can’t be reused, their system converts it into solid refuse that is treated to the strictest environmental standards.

Their proprietary plant-based bio-oil comes from castor beans. Castor beans are a non-food source that doesn’t compete with food crops and uses very little water to grow. This rapidly renewable plant has been naturalized in warm climates all over the world and can grow ten feet in a single season. Using castor oil reduces the need for petroleum in their foam and uses fewer natural resources to produce.

They also use recycled rubber, keeping over 300 metric tons of rubber out of landfills each year. They get eco-friendly, reduced petroleum solutions to create insoles with uncompromised comfort and performance, while dramatically limiting the impact on the planet.







LINE: @hexabangkok
Mon-Fri 9AM – 6PM (GMT +7)